Workshop on Research Proposal Writing Enhances Faculty Members’ Skills at MMC

The research Management Cell of Mangal Multiple Campus organized a Workshop on Research Proposal Writing on June 10, 2023, Saturday, with the aim of enhancing the research skills of its faculty members. The event saw the active participation of 30 faculty members who were eager to improve their research proposal writing abilities.

The workshop commenced with an inaugural session, where the Campus Chief, Mr. Pradip Maharjan, delivered a warm welcome speech to the participants. He emphasized the importance of research in academia and expressed his delight at the enthusiastic response from the faculty members. Following Mr. Maharjan’s speech, the Chief Guest, Deputy Mayor of Kirtipur Municipality, inaugurated the workshop by lighting the Panas and addressed the gathering, highlighting the significance of research in addressing local challenges and contributing to community development.

The inaugural session concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by the Chairperson of the session, who also served as the Coordinator of the Research Management Cell Mr. Binesh Shrestha at Mangal Multiple Campus. He shared the completed activities of RMC and expressed gratitude to all the participants, resource person and highlighted the importance of continuous professional development for faculty members.

The workshop then transitioned into the main session, which was divided into several sessions, each focusing on a specific aspect of research proposal writing. The first session, titled “Introduction and References,” was led by Prof. Dr. Laxmi Bahadur Maharjan. He provided valuable insights into crafting a compelling introduction and effectively incorporating references in research proposals.

Dr. Padma Prasad Khatiwada took the stage for the second session, “Review of Related Literature and Conceptual Framework.” He delved into the significance of conducting a thorough review of existing literature and establishing a strong conceptual framework to support the research proposal.

The third session, “Methods and Procedures of the Study,” was conducted by Prof. Dr. Shyam Krishna Maharjan. He shared valuable knowledge on selecting appropriate research methods and designing effective procedures to ensure the validity and reliability of the study.

Dr. Siddhi Bahadur Maharjan took charge of the fourth session, titled “Analysis and Interpretation of the Results.” Dr. Maharjan enlightened the participants on data analysis techniques and the interpretation of research findings. Additionally, he discussed about writing conclusion, recommendation and the inclusion of relevant appendices to strengthen the research proposal.

After the workshop sessions, a feedback session was held, allowing the faculty members to share their thoughts on the workshop’s content and delivery. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the workshop, highlighting the practical insights gained and the relevance of the topics covered to their research endeavors.

The Workshop on Research Proposal Writing concluded with closing remarks by CMC Chairperson Prof. Dr. Laxmi Bahadur Maharjan, emphasizing the importance of implementing the knowledge gained during the workshop and encouraging the faculty members to actively engage in research activities.

The event proved to be a successful platform for Mangal Multiple Campus faculty members to enhance their research proposal writing skills and foster a research-oriented culture within the institution. With the newfound knowledge and techniques, the faculty members are now better equipped to contribute to the advancement of academic research in their respective fields.

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