Workshop on Comprehensive Sexuality Education conducted


Mangal Multiple Campus, in collaboration with Chokyo University, Kanagawa University, Shinshu University, Japan, and the Health Education Association of Nepal (HEAN), organized a Comprehensive Sexuality Education program on February 3, 2023. The Health Environment committee of the campus facilitated the program, with lecturer Bhagirathi Madai leading the initiative.

The program was attended by 25 students who actively participated in the interaction, group discussion, and presentations. The comprehensive sexuality education program aimed to raise awareness and understanding of sexuality and sexual health among young adults. The students were encouraged to engage in open and honest discussions about these sensitive topics, and the program provided a safe space for them to ask questions and share their thoughts. The group discussion and presentations allowed the students to share their personal experiences and perspectives, which helped them to develop a better understanding of sexuality and sexual health.



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