Workshop Conducted

On February 17, 2023, a workshop on non-communicable diseases was organized by the Health Environment committee of Mangal Multiple Campus in collaboration with Chokyo University, Kanagawa University, Shinshu University, Japan, and the Health Education Association of Nepal (HEAN). The workshop was presented by Upesh Maharjan, a faculty member of the campus, and was attended by 50 students.
During the workshop, the students learned about non-communicable diseases and the impact of lifestyle on these diseases. They were taught how to calculate their body mass index (BMI) and the importance of maintaining a healthy BMI. The workshop was held in the presence of Prof. Dr. Shyam Krishna Maharjan, Haruka Miura from Osaka University, and PhD scholars Yeduram Upreti and Madhabi Gautam Ghimire.
The workshop was highly beneficial for the students as it provided them with valuable knowledge about non-communicable diseases and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The presence of experts and scholars from different universities added to the value of the workshop, as the students were able to learn from their experiences and expertise. The workshop was a great success and a testament to the commitment of Mangal Multiple Campus towards providing quality education and promoting healthy living among its students.

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