Public Information Committee


  1. The committee would be responsible for sharing accurate and relevant information with the public through various channels such as press releases, social media, websites, newsletters, and other communication platforms.
  2. Managing relationships with the media would be a key responsibility. This involves coordinating interviews, responding to media inquiries, and ensuring consistent messaging across different media outlets.
  3. During times of crisis or emergencies, the committee may play a crucial role in providing timely and accurate information to the public, helping to manage the situation and address concerns.
  4. Building and maintaining a positive public image for the campus would be an important aspect of the committee’s work. This involves highlighting achievements, initiatives, and positive contributions.
  5. The committee may be involved in organizing public events, town halls, or forums to foster communication and engagement between the campus and the public.
  6. Ensuring transparency in the campus’s operations and decision-making processes is often part of the committee’s responsibilities. They might work to proactively share information that is in the public interest.
  7. The committee might track public opinion, feedback, and sentiments about the campus and its activities. This information helps the campus to adjust its communication strategy and address any concerns raised by the public.
  8. Creating and curating content, such as articles, videos, infographics, and other materials, for dissemination through various channels to inform and engage the public.
  9. Collaborating with various departments and committees within the campus to gather accurate and up-to-date information for public release.
  10. Ensuring that all information released to the public complies with legal and ethical standards and that sensitive or confidential information is handled appropriately.


  1. Coordinator – Mahendra Maharjan
  2. Member- Upesh Maharjan
  3. Member – Pradip Maharjan