One-Day Workshop on “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” Empowers Participants at MMC


Mangal Multiple Campus, a leading educational institution, organized an impactful one-day workshop on “Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation” on June 3, Saturday, to commemorate World Environment Day. The workshop, spearheaded by the Health and Environment Committee of the campus, aimed to raise awareness about climate change issues and explore strategies for mitigating and adapting to its effects.

The workshop commenced with an auspicious lighting ceremony by the esteemed Chairperson of Campus Management, Professor Dr. Laxmi Bahadur Maharjan. This symbolic gesture represented the campus’s commitment to shedding light on the urgent need for environmental conservation. Following the lighting ceremony, Ms. Bhagirathi Madai, the Coordinator of the Health and Environment Committee, extended a warm welcome to all the participants, expressing gratitude for their presence and emphasizing the significance of collective action.

The workshop saw an enthusiastic turnout of 30 participants, including students and teachers from Mangal Multiple Campus. The event featured Er. Shirish Maharjan, a renowned facilitator, researcher, and data analyst from the esteemed Global Institution for Interdisciplinary Studies, is the essential resource person. Er. Maharjan shared valuable insights into the global and local climate change trends, showcasing their far-reaching impact on ecosystems and human lives.

During his engaging session, Er. Shirish Maharjan highlighted the alarming rise in extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, droughts, and heatwaves, along with the overall increase in global temperatures. His expertise shed light on the causes and consequences of climate change, urging the participants to take action in mitigating its effects and adapting to the changing climate. Furthermore, he presented research-based data and real-life case studies, underscoring the urgency for collective efforts at both individual and institutional levels.

Inspired by the informative session, the participants actively shared their ideas and thoughts on combating climate change. The Vice Chairperson of the Campus Management Committee, Professor Dr. Shyam Krishna Maharjan, also took the opportunity to address the audience and shared valuable insights and innovative ideas for environmental sustainability.

The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Campus Chief Pradip Maharjan, expressing gratitude to all the participants, facilitators, and organizers for their valuable contributions to the event. He emphasized the importance of taking the knowledge gained during the workshop and translating it into action, emphasizing the role of individuals and institutions in building a resilient and sustainable future.

The informative session by Er. Shirish Maharjan provided a comprehensive understanding of climate change, encouraging the participants to adopt sustainable practices and advocate for environmental preservation. The active participation and exchange of ideas among the attendees further highlighted the collective commitment to creating a greener future. It is anticipated that the workshop’s outcomes will translate into tangible actions, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the campus and the wider community.

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