Mangal Research Journal Released

Kirtipur (March 20). Mangal Research Journal, A Peer Reviewed Journal Vol.1 No1 , ISSN 2773-7802, has been released today by Honorable Krishna Gopal Shrestha , Minister – Education , Science and Technology in presence of five professors of editorial board, amidst a notable programme organized by Mangal Multiple Campus.

The Mangal Research Journal includes multidisciplinary ten research articles. The editorial board members Prof. Dr. Shiva Sharan Maharjan, Prof. Dr. Shyam Krishna Maharjan, Prof. Dr. Bal Krishna Shrestha, Prof. Dr. Dharma Dangol and Prof. Dr. Laxmi Bahadur Maharjan were felicitated by chief guest Hon. Minister of Education Education , Science and Technology Krishna Gopal Shrestha. All the peer reviewers of this journal were felicitated too by the chief guest.

Prof. Dr. Dharma Dangol and Former Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan light on the importance of research in education field. Both academicians emphasized on the training and workshops for the quality and international level research journal. The chairperson Prof. Dr. Shiva Sharan Maharjan gave vote of thanks. Campus chief Pradip Maharjan welcomed to all the distinguished guests and participants in the event.

The articles of Mangal Research Journal can be read and download from

Photo Courtesy : Dilip Nepal, Pradip Maharjan, Khem Nath Sitaula

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