Job Placement Committee (JPC)


  1. Develop a Job Placement Plan and Program
  2. Develop guidelines for the Job Placement Process with criteria and guidelines for the job placement
  3. Develop Yearly Job Placement Plan, schedule, and list down the relabel stakeholders for job placement of students.
  4. Develop Standard MOU and direct dialogue and written Communicate with relabel stakeholders/institutions/banks/companies/organisations for memorandum of understanding (MOU)
  5. Preparing the list of eligible graduates/students based on the eligibility criterion of a particular firm and sharing it with the campus management/administration
  6. Develop career guidance training and placement workshop.
  7. Supervise the placement activities of the campus.
  8. Keep records and prepare reports on the activities of the committee and by-three months provide written progress reports to Campus Management Committee.

Committee Members

  1. Coordinator – Bhawana Maharjan
  2. Member – Binesh Shrestha
  3. Member – Bindu Maharjan