BEd 3rd Year Students Organize “5th Sports Meet”


MMC (May 29). Mangal Multiple Campus, Kirtipur, recently witnessed an exciting sports meet organized by the BEd 3rd year students as part of their curriculum requirement for “Research in HPE and Project Meet.” The event aimed to promote physical fitness and provide practical experience in organizing sporting events. The sports meet featured table tennis for girls and shot put for boys, attracting the participation of 16 girls and 12 boys of Mangal Secondary School.

In the shot put event, Milan Bista claimed the gold medal, displaying impressive strength and technique. Sudip Mahato secured the silver medal, while Santosh Khadka secured the bronze medal, demonstrating their skills in the shot put discipline.

The table tennis event showcased intense competition among the girls, with Aayusha Khadka emerging as the champion and claiming the gold medal. Rakshya Yadav exhibited remarkable skills to secure the silver medal. Ganga Birakote and Sandhya Yonjon both showcased exceptional talent, resulting in a tie for the bronze medal.

The prize distribution and closing ceremony were graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. Pashupati Adhikari, Director of the Department of Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) at Tribhuvan University. Prof. Adhikari, serving as the chief guest, distributed the prizes to the deserving winners. Janaki Dhami, chairperson of the event, expressed her appreciation for the participants and organizers.

The welcome speech was delivered by Ichchha Maharjan, who highlighted the significance of organizing such events for the holistic development of students. The Campus Chief Pradip Maharjan emphasized the importance of conducting sports meets, acknowledging the efforts of the BEd 3rd year students.

The event was attended by several notable figures, including Kopil Thapa, a lecturer of Health and Physical Education at Mahendra Ratna Campus, Assistant Campus Chief Rocky Maharjan, and subject teacher Upesh Maharjan. Dilip Kumar Maharjan, the head of the HPE department and ECA coordinator, also graced the occasion along with ECA members Mahendra Maharjan and Nahindra Maharjan.

The sports meet organized by the BEd 3rd year students of Mangal Multiple Campus showcased their dedication, organizational skills, and passion for physical education. It provided a platform for participants to showcase their talent and foster a spirit of healthy competition.

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